Simplifying Health Information

To make informed health decisions

Q2Q Health App Features

Your health, your decisions

Q2Q makes health information easy to understand so you can make informed health decisions so you can talk to your doctor about your health

Q2Q does the math for you

You shouldn't need an M.D. to understand your lab results.

Chronic Disease Made Easy

Q2Q provides educational videos about your health numbers and what you can do to improve them

Medication Interactions

Medications can be complicated, upon creating a Drug Profile, Q2Q will alert you if there is a: drug-drug interactions, drug duplications, drug allergies and potentially inappropriate prescription (PIP) for people 65 years and older.

Coming soon on Google play and Apple store. Stay Tuned !!!!

Founder/CEO - HEAL, LLC

After experiencing a near-miss fatal drug error during breast cancer treatment ‘05, Roberta Powell returned to school and became a nurse educator. After serving eight years as a nurse educator, she recognized the difficulty patients and caregivers experienced navigating the healthcare system and prescriber clinical decision support systems were ineffective. Consequently, Ms. Powell became an entrepreneur, and developed an innovative mobile app for patients and their caregivers:

Q2Q Health’s consumer-facing mobile app is multilingual and simplifies complicated health data that will empower individuals to engage in self-care and self-advocacy. The Q2Q-app converts complex health data into meaningful visuals, actionable steps, engaging educational videos and drug interaction alerts. Ultimately, our mission is to assist individuals to access, interpret, process and contextualize their personal health data to make sound health decisions.

Q2Q Health’s mission is to empower consumers, support informed decision-making, and improve health outcomes. Ms. Powell’s mission is to make health data accessible, understandable and actionable.


Bachelor Science, Economics with minor in Mathematics - Northeastern University ‘85

Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) - Harvard University (Kennedy School) ‘99

Bachelor of Science - Nursing (BSN) Rhode Island College ‘09

Ph.D. Health Outcomes (Pharmaceutical Science) - University of Rhode Island ‘24


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Roberta Powell, MPA, BSN

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